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It's Official!

Dunwoody Labs is now Precision Point Diagnostics

We will gradually be transitioning from this website over the course of the next 30 days. The portal login link will redirect you to our temporary site for Precision Point Diagnostics where you will be able to login to your portal and access results. Your current Labgen portal credentials will continue to be valid until we transition to our new LIS Portal in 45 days.
We are under new management and direction!
Stay tuned more info to come!


Dunwoody Labs is now Precision Point Diagnostics! Click here to travel to our new website!

Labgen/Order Kits (Redirect to Precision Point Homepage for login) Setup Account (Redirect to Precision Point Homepage to setup)


Requisitions must be signed and dated by the patient and by the prescribing physician or appropriately licensed health care provider. The entire form must be completed accurately for samples to be processed. By completing the form in its entirety this will prevent any sample holds, rejections, delayed results and billing issues. Any incomplete requisitions will not be subject to the 15-calendar day turnaround time.