Click the link to download videos by Cheryl Burdette, ND, Doctor of Dunwoody Labs.

Understanding the Dietary Antigen Test 588E and 588G

Download a The Interplay of Immunologic Response to Food 

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From A to T - Adrenals to Testosterone Laboratory Testing and How to Treat

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cheryl Burdette will be visiting Colorado to discuss Hormones!
There are 4 opportunities to see her speak but space is limited.
Please RSVP by using the EventBrite links below Event Locations and times noted in EventBrite Invitation
Should you have any questions, please contact Susan Drake.

January 24th - Lunch - Session's 52

January 24th - Dinner - Biaggi's Loveland

January 25th - Lunch - Oak on 14th - Boulder

January 25th - Dinner - Hacienda Colorado - Denver