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Most of the tests run by Dunwoody Labs are profiles, where several different analytes are run to compile a more comprehensive profile of the patient in the category being tested. Many of these analytes can be ordered as individual tests, which offers a cost-effective way to follow-up after treatment with specifically targeted testing.

Our clinical consultants and education director is also available for complimentary consults on individual patient results. If the patient chooses to have a separate consult directly with our clinical consultants, there is a $35 charge for 30 minutes.

Whether you are looking for a unique profile on a difficult to diagnose patient or are looking to integrate a wider range of testing into your initial health screening process, let Dunwoody Labs partner with your office to fine-tune your patient's medical care!

Please email your request to marketing@dunwoodylabs.com or call 678-736-6374 ext:6010