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It's Official!

Dunwoody Labs is now Precision Point Diagnostics

We will gradually be transitioning from this website over the course of the next 30 days. The portal login link will redirect you to our temporary site for Precision Point Diagnostics where you will be able to login to your portal and access results. Your current Labgen portal credentials will continue to be valid until we transition to our new LIS Portal in 45 days.
We are under new management and direction!
Stay tuned more info to come!


Dunwoody Labs is now Precision Point Diagnostics! Click here to travel to our new website!

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Medicare Requirements:

  • *No processing fee.
  • Signed and completed requisition including billing option.
  • Front and back copy of the Medicare card.
  • Have a qualifying Medicare diagnosis.
  • The ordering Doctor must participate with Medicare.
  • If Medicare processes any responsibility to the patient by law the patient will be billed.
  • All patients must sign the ABN and send with the requisition in the event Medicare does not cover the test we will charge the Patient.

Commercial Insurance Requirements

  • *Must pay the processing fee of $49 for each test that is ordered & the Out of Network Deductible has to be $1000 or less with no limitations.
  • Signed and completed requisition including billing option.
  • Patient must provide credit card information on the Requisition in order for us to process. If we do not receive this information, the test will go on hold.
  • Front and back copy of the Insurance card.
  • A qualifying diagnosis must be provided. (*If submitting Aetna for Allergy testing you must use their approved diagnosis codes*)
  • If Insurance pays, the processing fee is all that we require from the Patient. If insurance doesn't pay, applies to the deductible, or declines the test, the patient will be responsible for the remainder of the cash price.

Insurance we do not accept:

EPO, HMO, HSA, HRA, Assurant Health, Liberty Health Share, Champ VA, Tricare, PEHP, ALL BCBS plans except for VA, IL, PA and NJ.


 We do not accept Medicaid unless it is from the state of Georgia.


When submitting insurance, please include a clear front and back copy of the patient’s insurance card and make sure the requisition has the authorized provider’s signature and date along with the patient’s signature and date. This will authorize Dunwoody Labs to submit the patient’s insurance.

**All tests require a physician’s order or that of another appropriately licensed health care provider along with an accurately completed requisition for samples to be processed.