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Advanced Oxidative Stress

A panel that tests for levels of harmful metabolic byproducts in a patient's body



Total Glutathione, Oxidized Gluthathione, 8-OHdG, F2-Isoprostane, Creatinine. The Advanced Oxidative Stress Test measures removal of Reactive Oxygen Species from the cell through intracellular reduced glutathione, the primary antioxidant found within cells. This panel shows how much oxidative stress there is in the body and how effectively antioxidant enzymes remove it. In addition to total and percent reduced glutathione for cellular detoxification, our panel looks at analytes such as 8-OHdG, an indicator of poor DNA and mitochondrial health, and F2-Isprostane, an indicator for cellular membrane health. This panel gives an overall picture of cell health and the risk of oxidative stress related health conditions.

Collection Instructions


Collection Instructions




  1. Check your kit! If any items are missing or damaged, contact Dunwoody Labs at (678) 736-6374. This kit should include the following:
    • 1 cold pack
    • 1 requisition form
    • 1 biohazard bag with gauze pad.
    • 1 silver insulated shipping envelope
    • 1 prepaid shipping label
    • 1 clinical shipping pack (FedEx)
    • 1 Lavender Top EDTA tube
    • 1 transfer pipette
    • 1 Yellow Top 5mL transfer tube
    • 1 urine collection cup





  1. Place cold pack in freezer for at least 4-6 hours minimum before shipping.
  2. Collect the blood in the Lavender EDTA tube provided.
  3. Using a permanent marker, write the patients first and last name, date of birth, and date of collection on each sample tube.
  4. Store the sample in a 2-8°C refrigerator until ready to ship. Do not freeze. Frozen samples will not be processed.


  1. Collect urine at any time of day in the urine collection cup.
  2. Using the transfer pipette, transfer 5mL of urine into the Yellow Top transfer tube.
  3. Using a permanent marker, write the patients first and last name, date of birth, and date of collection on each sample tube.
  4. Store urine in freezer until shipping.




  1. Make sure the specimen tubes are properly labeled. Due to federal regulations, improperly labeled tubes cannot be processed.
  2. Place the tube(s) inside of the biohazard bag and seal the bag. Do not remove gauze pad.
  3. Complete the Test Requisition Form, fold and place the form within the outer pocket of the biohazard bag.
  4. Place the biohazard bag into the insulated shipping envelope.
  5. Place the cold pack inside the insulated shipping envelope.
  6. Seal the shipping envelope and place it inside the shipping box.
  7. Place the shipping box inside the clinical mailing pack.
  8. Attach prepaid shipping label.
  9. Take the package to the shipping carrier’s storefront location or call the carrier to schedule a pickup.